About this Blog

The blog covers my development as a professional and technologist for the most part. I used to post weekly, but decided to stop. Instead, I’ll post when I feel like I have something I’ve been working on or feel the need to get some thoughts down.

The majority of blog posts relate directly to my work with a focus on technologies. As a large portion of the work that I do at GitLab is public, there are less “tutorials” and “how to” on my blog. A portion are summaries or notes of presentations and other events, such as conference presentations. Some fun posts will work itself into the blog at times or when something strikes me as particularly interesting, but news and interesting articles are shared primarily through other modes of communication.

For more about me, take a look at the About Me page.


All of my own media (pictures, screenshots, presentations) are under Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 International license. If you want to use it in a way that doesn’t fit under the CC, simply contact me.

Any original code (though that’s rare enough) is under GPLv3.

Others’ work are all cited. If you wish to use them, please check their respective licenses.


This blog is a personal reflection on my own work and environment. My opinions are my own. Furthermore, any opinions which may be perceived negatively are not meant to be inflammatory, but constructive in nature. Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns.