Access 2012 Day 3 Closing Keynote: Brain Injuries, Science Fiction, and Library Discovery

by Bess Sadler


We do the things we do, because it feels good. It provides us with a reward. Being intrinsically motivated is the best predictor of happiness and healthy living.

What is missing is how we can make libraries better for users.

Used emotional words to describe physical collections, but efficiency for digital collections. How can we change this?

The emotional design is more important than practical design.

Virtual Shelf List especially useful for multi-branch libraries, including closed collections with digitized materials. Using semi-automated metadata.

What is Still Missing?

Falling short of providing emotional, spatial sensory that physical shelf browsing.

Need to take inspiration from sci-fi. Render library in 3D virtual world e.g. browsing the library as if in Hogwarts

Do this at a human scale. Consider making it more personal and smaller for children.

What’s Next?

This can happen.

See also Affordance theory: a framework for graduate students’ information behavior by Bess Sadler

Emotional Design by Donald Norman

More notes on Access 2012 Live Blog.

Author: Cynthia

Technologist, Librarian, Metadata and Technical Services expert, Educator, Mentor, Web Developer, UXer, Accessibility Advocate, Documentarian

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