TRY 2013: Opening Keynote Notes

Said the little boy, ‘Sometimes I drop my spoon.’, and the old man, ‘I do that too.’: Reflecting on online information practices across the generations

  • Rhonda McEwen, Assistant Professor from UTM

Social Media


  • avg user 15 1/2 hrs per month
  • ~23 mins per visit
  • connected to 80 community pages/groups
  • 90 pieces of content per month
  • 200 mill ppl access via mobile per day
  • which means 30+ bill pieces of content per day
  • users via mobile 2x active as non-mobile users
  • 2011: 65% adult Internet users spend time on social networks

That social media is a “young person thing” is a fallacy.


  • 140 mill users and growing
  • 340 mill tweets published daily
  • 60% outside of US
  • 26+ yr = 83%
  • login stats are misleading, because most users never “log out”


  • again, 25-34, the middle age group is the largest
  • a large group have children


  • monthly active users: 100 mill
  • avg posted photos: 40 mill
  • limited use: first iOS, more recently Android
  • dependent on mobile (not something you use on desktop)
  • fastest growth/shortest time to reach 100 mill users

When we’re talking about social media, we’re not talking about “kids”.

Pew Internet Research

Libraries research, focus on change of

  • reading habits
  • mix of library services
  • tastes of library patrons


  1. Libraries are appreciated, especially by parents: 91% important to community; 76% them + their families
  2. Libraries stack up well vs. others: public confidence in library, higher than all other organizations e.g. military, small businesses
  3. People like librarians: 98% “ever” visited had positive experiences
  4. Libraries have rebranded themselves as tech hubs: very important – 80%  borrowing books, reference; 77% free access; 76% quiet study spaces
    • who uses: well educated, high household income, group in the middle
  5. E-book reading is growing; borrowing is just getting started: those who read print
  6. People are open to even more tech at libraries: #1 virtual reference, #2 view/use library services on mobile
  7. The public invites you to be more engaged in knotty problems e.g. coordinate with local schools, free literacy programs, different/comfortable spaces, digitize personal collections
  8. Libraries have a PR problem/opportunity: 46% know some services, 31% know not much/nothing of services
  9. There is churn in library use: e.g. increase use: enjoy taking kids to; decrease use: convenience of online information
  10. Mothers are special
  11. There is a truly detached population out there that matters to you: 16% never visited, 23% didn’t read a book in 12 months

Break Time!

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