MozFest Day 1: Closing Plenary by Mitchell Baker & Others

Exciting program for keynote tonight.

Mozilla’s Values and How We Think About the Web – Mitchell Baker

We are a global community connected by a single mission. The heart of Mozilla is the community. Build an internet that’s knowable, makeable, and ours.

We build products, empower others, teach, and shape environments. The success is when we tie all of them together.

We continue to look for new areas e.g. Open Science, Privacy, Games Another example, more active policy program now present in Mozilla.

Examples of how we combine all four areas.

Privacy & Freedom – Camille

Two things are assumed about digital native: familiar with technology and the web, and consider the web is reliable and will never go away. However, this is BS, because less opportunities to look “inside the box.”

Today’s web has little in common with the “original” web or even 5 years ago. Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace presents idea should not be power struggle.

With the NSA leak, we saw that the power is centralized and small base. Can’t expect data to be constantly collected and not have any negative outcomes. The present is problematic. We are not headed towards the present that we want.

We are the plumbers of the internet society. The community is in good shape to engage in discussion and push for fundamental freedoms.

Privacy is really about secrecy, anonymity, and autonomy. It’s about both freedom and democracy.

Three Types of Fixes

Technical solution: Implementing tools that are open.

… missed the second one, sorry …

Education:  If we can teach kids about global warming, we can teach them about freedom in information society.

Lightbeam – Dethe & Alex

Shows all the third party connections through the browser. To show how the web works.

Live Demo – amazon, the guardian, wired – can see several shared links. Provide numerous filters an different ways to looking at your data. You can also block or hide sites. All your data is exportable, and can be anonymously shared.

Mark Surman

We are at an exciting time. It’s a small tool, but we now have a tool to explain these complex environments to others. We can sit in fear, or look at the devices that will be connected and start to make them ours so that we can shape our environment.

Technology Will Save Us – Bethany

Background in design and physical computing. Business started from seeing laptop in a trash can. We have so much technology in our lives that we don’t understand it, and definitely don’t know what to do when we don’t want it.

Company creates DIY kits on how to be producers of technology. Each kit has a skill to teach and produces something that can be used. Provide workshops with the kits.

Young kids want to make things, but don’t learn because making things that they don’t care about. Created mover, chatter, gamer kits.

Back to Mark

May seem very small, but all these small things will add up. All this will help us shape the future.

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