MozFest Day 1: Opening Plenary by Mark Surman & Others

Feel the Internet. Reminds of people, experiences, memories. There was a sense of creativity, empowerment. When thinking of the future, want the people online and getting online to also get that sense of empowerment.

How the Web Has Changed – Anil Dash from ThinkCap

You can say you’re a blogger. Ethos was adopted as bloggers that was more than just adopting the use of an app. All the content you wrote was what you wanted to express. Many had explicit policies, and we had a record. We did not have the same creeping line of privacy and security we do now.

This is not a technology problem.  “Open” was not enough.

Lock-in is not a simple problem, and open licenses just made lock-in more virulent.

So now what do we do?

We start at the beginning. What are people looking for? Ability to share, connect, connection. We must understand the economics of the web. A link turned into something that has monetary value. Dependent on funding with a very narrow definition of success, so we get the same thing.

Technology follows a pattern. We have to know our history to tell the story.

We must do better. We can change ourselves. We need to be critical of ourselves and each other. However, our community knows how to fix this.

Technology shapes culture, defaults express values. We are determining values by what we make and choose. We need to ask ourselves what our legacy with be. What service do we trust to show our grandchildren a photo of today?

We must be loud.

Need to think about how we find meaning and justification to say it was worth it. Need to build our tools with this in mind. Set the bar at the level of advertisers and pass that.

We must make the web we deserve.

Owe the web at least a good try. We have a chance to do something fundamentally better.

Back to Mark

In our decisions of our code, design, legal agreements, what we teach people that reflects a vision of the web that we want.

By the end of tomorrow, we will be surprised and delighted. The ideas we have will become more concrete. Concretely building our values into the web. This is what MozFest is designed to do.

Learning the freedom of the web

was the theme of the original, first MozFest. Digital badges was what the idea was in how it can transfer the way we educate. Since then, openbadges and related things have been built. Now have a whole system.

Media and the freedom of the web. Popcorn maker was introduce. How to make HTML5 videos that we can pull apart and remix. Now a real part of what we teach. In 2012, 1.0 was released.

Last year, a lot of themes we talked about. Organic theme that came out “f*** it, ship it”. Webmaker became more concrete.

What We Shipped – Michelle Thorn

Original logo of the World Wide Web. We have to share what we know in order to learn and teach to invite others to join us.

Learn More, Do More

Webmaker is a call to action to get everyday users to become creators and users of the web. It’s not just about technology, but community.

Take people who love the web, ask them to take action and get them to teach others.

What We’re Shipping – Brett Gaylor & Chris Lawrence

After 2 days, created popcorn.js at the first MozFest. MozFest is not your typical conference. It was about building real things that others could use.

Created the infrastructure with starter makes. Basis of community powered curriculum. Webmaker is to help us build the web using the basic building blocks already available.

Now integrated together.js in order to make it collaborative.

Appmaker provides a way to help people create apps without knowing a lot of code.

X-Ray Goggles as a way to talk back to culture e.g. “Real Women of Canada” website, putting in images that reflect

Curriculum lesson plans in webby environment. How do we code these values? The Web Literacy Standard. Underpin the theoretical network, but also to remix, feedback, push it.

What’s Next?

It’s in the hand of the world. Making it possible to localize it and already translated into 7 different languages.

In past year, webmaker has shipped 500 times.

Come together, community has run 1600 global events for Maker Party.  Invite everyone to come. Spread teach the web everywhere.

Back to Mark

Just one example of what this room can do to build throughout the year. This is a group of people who can get things done, and get things done that matter.

This is only the first step in the long journey. In order to influence and have the resilience, we need a community 1000 times bigger to shape where the web goes.

How can you/we do to move along on this journey?

It’s not that hard and a lot of fun to take a one next step that you can take and the other people around you can take with you. Let’s get practical, dig in, and have a blast.

Author: Cynthia

Technologist, Librarian, Metadata and Technical Services expert, Educator, Mentor, Web Developer, UXer, Accessibility Advocate, Documentarian

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