SLA 2014: Social Media for Everyone: How to Use New Tools in Innovative Ways

by Cheryl Yanek  @cherylkathleen

How? & Things to think about

  • need multiple platforms, to be everywhere, reach everyone
  • need to be selective in what to post where, and use different tones depending on platform
  • keep in mind what your audience is, and demographics of the platform
  • understand different subcultures
  • want to create meaningful relationships
  • think about how to engage i.e. something to be retweeted, discussion on linkedin, picture to share on tumblr, article on G+
  • should you be there?
  • learn the rules of the subcultures
  • trends happen really fast, so you need to be on it from the start
  • might need to educate others so that they understand social media
  • need to stand out & engage
  • about creating community, comment on what others are saying

How to Say It

  • plan to fail
  • be willing to take risks
  • turn your failures into learning situations
  • better for people to be angry (really?!) than
  • write short posts
  • think of your audience as insiders
  • be authentic
  • make it personal
  • make them believe in your mission
  • make it entertaining


  • always look at the demographics


  • texting for kids?
  • share messages
  • examples:
    ** share coupons that had to be used instantly
    ** reveal new product/secret menu item


  • front page of the internet
  • can be upvoted
  • most popular along 18-29 male
  • like things to be transparent
  • self-promotion is frowned upon
  • interact vs. shouting at them
  • others can jump in for you, only need to add where you can
  • a lot of sub-reddits on specific topics
  • don’t promote yourself more than 5-10%
  • might already be community (sub-reddit) that exists where you can fit


  • part blog, part FB
  • blogging but with a lot more media
  • half of users under 25
  • very engaged audience
  • a lot of hashtag use
  • really easy to use
  • FAQs (ask a question feature)


  • way to share pictures
  • 90% under 35
  • 68% are female
  • tell visual stories
  • have a lot of filters that you can play with


  • way to share pictures
  • 84% are female
  • 2/3 over 35
  • what images are worthy of being shared
  • can work together with instagram
  • brand all your images
  • contests


  • most users in 20s
  • 6 second videos
  • potential for how-to videos
  • share successes
  • super easy to use
  • great for contests
  • 4x more likely to be shared than other videos


  • check in to locations
  • share with friends what you’re doing
  • 60% male
  • 60% 18-29
  • very easy to work with
  • share tips
  • when have events, brand and let people check in, can create badges
  • free advertising because normally linked to twitter or fb


  • heavily male
  • what you do on G+ is related to your google search
  • provides higher visibility
  • if make public chats & events, then will show up in search results
  • but they’re always changing things
  • can target certain demographics based on circles

Make Use of It

  • embed
  • share
  • as contact
  • add homepage in information
  • talk about things that are inspiring or relevant

Buzzfeed & Upworthy

  • lists and trends, anyone can create it, promote it
  • about social justice, can’t contribute, but can connect


  • need to measure and track data
  • use both hard and soft metrics
  • what were the topics that got the best reach?
  • what was the sentiment?
  • share highlights and successes internally

Improving Your Current Use

  • listen more, to see what people are talking about, quotes to share, relevant news
  • engage and interact with influencers
  • what social media are being used in different regions?
  • 2-3 posts is the recommended amount, scheduled tweets
  • graphic/embedded posts e.g. thoughtcatalogue
  • don’t do it yourself
  • start bite-sized
  • you can experiment personally first
  • RSS feeds/newsletters to keep on top of trends (see slide)

Author: Cynthia

Technologist, Librarian, Metadata and Technical Services expert, Educator, Mentor, Web Developer, UXer, Accessibility Advocate, Documentarian

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