Access 2014: Opening Keynote Notes: Grass/Roots: Notes on a Public Digital Humanities

Kim Martin spoke to us about her dream. A Public Digital Humanities Centre.

Digging Digital Humanities

Humanities’ laboratory is the library. Researchers do their work in the libraries, but what happens when the space changes and becomes digital?

Began looking at and interviewing people to how they are being affected, and what’s going on in their research in and outside of libraries.

Provided example digital humanities projects e.g. iPad app for visitors to describe what they experience. They branch out or even separate from acadamia.

Going Public

Branching out from the university campus is very important. Needed to get people together but also get them off campus.

Ran two THATCamp, Humanities and Technology Camp. Suggest topics, vote on topics, gets put into schedule.

Need more effective communication with broader publics… to foster collaborations. This is important to bridge the ideas that have been brought up.

##Network by Doing (DHMakerBus)

Bring humanities to diverse communities. DH Maker Bus.

Maker spaces try to make people go from being consumers to creators along with hands-on learning. The MakerBus includes diverse technology including 3D printer, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Literacy Link South Central: digital literacy education. Modules on: Makey Makey, Arducopter, Podcasting, Augmented Reality.

Realize, people first, technology later.

London Public Library: TD Summer Reading Program Theme: Eureka! 16 pop-up maker visits over 2 weeks.

GranDH: DH scholars with various projects.

Humanities Matter Tour: Coming Spring 2016 – the bus from Virginia, to Montreal, back to US, and up to Victoria, from Victoria to Berkeley. Interview people on why humanities matter. Website to be a choose your own adventure type.

Make U 2014: summer camp at DHSI with Eurekamp. One week long camp.

It was allowing to let children speak their minds, make their own decisions over being spoken to.

Making DH Accessible

Make a point with making something every time they meet with someone.

Classes should be building on top of what was the previous one was doing, not always answering the same questions, replicating the same work.

Make History MakerBus: Pick a person, topic, or place and ask people to bring something related to be digitized.

The Public DH Centre

Take things off campus while learning.

Local collections, special libraries to preserve memories, and to make each one unique. Focus on the small differences between us.

They are, after all, what makes us human.

Author: Cynthia

Technologist, Librarian, Metadata and Technical Services expert, Educator, Mentor, Web Developer, UXer, Accessibility Advocate, Documentarian

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