Notes from Front Line Technology Meetup

Big thanks to West Vancouver Memorial Library for hosting their 3rd annual Front Line Technology Meetup. Heard about a lot of cool projects.

West Vancouver Public Library

International Games Day at Your Library (Kevin)

  • website has lots of great resources
  • board games, video games, etc. into library
  • this year’s was Creative Mode in Minecraft
  • volunteers were great resource
  • small budget to get board games, but instead paid honorarium to organizer of extremely shy and looking for friends: board game group that meet normally in cafes
  • WiiU set up on big screen
  • younger kids mostly interested in video games, older participants (20s) playing board games
  • Youth Services also does classes on playing Minecraft
  • SPL have open gaming sessions (in computer lab, 12 computers, typically ages 8-13) with changing maps vs. another branch which is only run when teaching; but can have behavioural issues

Technology Fair (James)

  • library staff and collaboration with community
  • 1500 people, one evening and full Saturday
  • technologies coming up, try different things
  • technology discussions on what they would like to see, interests, fears
  • station examples: greenscreen, 3D printers and scanning from community groups, VR station (Oculus Rift), audio station (Audacity), digitization station (scanners), popup classes on Raspberry Pi, coding class for kids teaching computational thinking, and others
  • report on WV website (under About -> Reports section), Technology Report has executive summary and details including the technology fair
  • very time consuming, but worth it
  • definitely had some people finding out about resources and coming back to the library

Sea Hero Quest

  • free smartphone app that re-writes rules on how we go about dementia research
  • goal is the develop new diagnostic tests that can detect when somebody’s spatial navigation skills are failing
  • game generated useful data approx 150x faster than lab data
  • available for iOS and Android

Mobile Device Management (Sarah)

  • using Heat LANRev, did RFP
  • low maintenance fee
  • can handle phones, laptops, tablets
  • can remotely lock down, track, and add profiles
  • class sets of tablets
  • can easily reset
  • can also lock down built-in apps
  • video tablets with netflix, indieflix (with library card), CBC’s youtube channel, concert series, some pre-downloaded movies
  • was getting a lot of requests for content that was digital only
  • pilot lending

Vancouver Public Library

Kobo Aura One

  • integrated with OverDrive: don’t need to connect to computer, or Adobe ID
  • identified by blue button on the back
  • VPL Guide to Kobo Aura One
  • have button to Sync with OverDrive
  • when browse/search for books will find library’s OverDrive books and also get option to borrow from library instead of purchasing from Kobo bookstore
  • currently only have one, for in-library use only

Digital Literacy Review

  • basic computer classes for many years
  • currently all starting people out, not much to get people to the next step
  • reviewed all the literature on teaching technology to adult learners
  • putting together a series of classes using streams: computer basics, intermediate users, creators (advanced, based on inspiration lab use)
  • same time/day every week (over the course of 4-6 weeks)
  • hope to cover coding and website creation later on
  • hoping to incorporate
  • consider directed practice exercises
  • also have tech cafe and device drop-ins separately
  • consider refundable deposit to ensure attendance

Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library

Virtual Machines for Computer Classes

  • wanted to teach users using Windows 8.1 and Windows 10; computers all still Windows 7
  • public computers locked down and limited to Win7
  • solution: virtual machines
  • Setup: VM Server: HP Proliant DL380 G7, Intel Xeon Processing X5660 (6 cores), 1 TB hard drive, 32 GB RAM, VMware ESXi, vSphere Client, VMware Player (on training laptops)
  • advantages: access to multiple OS, full access to file system, OK to break things, easy to reset
  • disadvantages: slow, more updating (for each OS), storage requirements (need more than 1 TB) and allocate enough for updates, may not work with removable devices
  • Workshops limited by 9 computers, can be more for tablets

Coquitlam Public library

Technology Programs (Joyce)

  • a lot of partner programs
  • Girls in Science, Live Science
  • coding, computer skills, animation
  • Google Cardboard VR headset
  • lego robotics competition
  • science expo with schools
  • raspberry pi
  • drop-in tech help (participation dropping)
  • don’t offer workshops anymore, but can make 1hr appointments
  • computer buddies: teens with younger kids

Innovation Hub (Kathy)

  • 3D printers, got a new one
  • database lynda
  • hope to combine them into class
  • 3D design (Rhino)
  • hope to have tech bar or tech cafe where people can drop in

Richmond Public Library

  • doesn’t have maker space in Richmond
  • so went to find creative people to bring makers in
  • makerspaces can also be intimidating
  • 3D modeling for teens (Sculptris for teens, sculpting a ball), kids use SketchUp, adults use AutoDesk; done by student from Emily Carr
  • gaming workshop for millenials; 6 week showcase by indie developers followed by 6 week workshop
  • participation limited: 6-15 adults, 12-15 children
  • forming clubs e.g. 3D maker meetup

Once a Upon an App

  • storytime
  • stop half way to talk about digital technology especially studies about children’s use of technology, modelling behaviour
  • 8 iPads
  • concurrently with school-age kids programs (reading with a dog)

Movie FX

  • use iPad app called “action movie” with pre-made special effects
  • second portion use iMovie to make short movie e.g. trailer

Lego digital designer club

  • use free software to collaborate and build lego designs
  • then bring them to life using stop motion, e.g. Animation Express on iPad

New Westminster Public Library

DVD Players

  • have 2 players
  • in library only, but can be used anywhere in the library
  • headphones with them
  • 2 hours, renewal to 1 hour
  • help to relief use of public computers (also had issues playing DVDs on the public computers)


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