DAISY Production: A Vision for the Future

Previously, I wrote an overview of accessible production based on how a couple of different organizations produce accessible books. In the future, hopefully production will be simplified as devices are updated to support new standards and some of the standards are finalized. Continue reading “DAISY Production: A Vision for the Future”

Tips and Error Fixing When Using the Save As DAISY Word Plugin

I’ve been using the Save As DAISY Word plugin a lot lately, and while the documentation is pretty good, there are some bugs and other things that pop up. Since the plugin is no longer under development, I thought I would document here some of the workarounds and ways to fix errors caused by existing bugs. Continue reading “Tips and Error Fixing When Using the Save As DAISY Word Plugin”

A Community Supported on Obsolete Technology

This was first posted on The Pastry Box Project on September 21, 2015 with the same name. I encourage you to go read it there, since lots of great articles are written on The Pastry Box. Re-posted here for my own archiving purposes. Continue reading “A Community Supported on Obsolete Technology”