Code4Lib Virtual Lightning Talks: Notes

Terry Brady – File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester

  • purpose: assemble collection of tasks into a simple user interface
  • modular code: hopefully easy to add/modify
  • File Analyzer: scans file system and performs actions on files, can also import file to edit records
  • Want to know if looks interesting/useful

Misty De Meo – Human Rights Thesaurus: Transitioning a legacy thesaurus to SKOS/RDF

  • legacy thesaurus did not do any validation of spelling, syntax, etc.
  • sublime highlighting for the particular format
  • ruby script to parse errors in data
  • Vocabulary Management Tool:
  • Slides

Roy Tennant – Under the Hood of Hadoop Processing at OCLC Research

For background see Adventures in Hadoop

  • (the slides had a lot of the info, so I’ll try to get the link)
  • can track jobs, and monitor nodes in web interface

Kate Kosturski – How I Taught Myself Drupal In a Weekend (And You Can Too!)

  • Have no fear: “you can’t break Drupal”
  • a lot of modules and themes to choose from, especially a WYSIWYG editor
  • Quick and Dirty Solution: Drupal Gardens – can at least get you more comfortable with it
  • Live site

Thanks to Peter Murray for organizing!

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