Article: A Practical Starter Guide on Developing Accessible Websites

After years of prepping and months of writing and editing, I finally published my first article!

The article is focused on accessibility and assumes that you are a web developer or can understand web development to at least an intermediate level. The idea was to fill a bit of a gap since so many accessibility guides focus on the most basic, usually content bits, and we wanted to go a step further.

Published July 18, 2017 in Issue 37 of the Code4Lib Journal, authored by myself and Michael Schofield: A Practical Starter Guide on Developing Accessible Websites.


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Code4LibBC Workshop: Usability On a Budget

I taught a workshop last week on doing usability on a budget. Usability is such a big topic that it’s impossible to cover everything in just 3 hours, but it’s a quick overview of how to put some of these methods into practice in a low cost, low resource way.

These are the notes I have along with all the links and such. Continue reading “Code4LibBC Workshop: Usability On a Budget”

Code4Lib 2012 Gender Diversity and Minority Scholarship Application

I’ve had some people ask to see my application since I was a recipient for one of the 2012 Code4Lib diversity and minority scholarships mostly just to see what kind of information they might include since the application requirements are fairly open. Continue reading “Code4Lib 2012 Gender Diversity and Minority Scholarship Application”

Code4LibBC: Shifting Perspectives: From Disability Accommodation to Universal Design

For this presentation, I decided to speak more broadly on accessibility (rather than focus specifically on web accessibility), partly because it’s so short (5-10 minute lightning talk) and partly due to the fact that despite it being a “Code4Lib” regional, we wanted to promote cross collaboration across all skill and knowledge levels. I still used a technology example, but had physical space related examples as well. Continue reading “Code4LibBC: Shifting Perspectives: From Disability Accommodation to Universal Design”

Code4Lib Virtual Lightning Talks: Notes

Terry Brady – File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester

  • purpose: assemble collection of tasks into a simple user interface
  • modular code: hopefully easy to add/modify
  • File Analyzer: scans file system and performs actions on files, can also import file to edit records
  • Want to know if looks interesting/useful

Misty De Meo – Human Rights Thesaurus: Transitioning a legacy thesaurus to SKOS/RDF

  • legacy thesaurus did not do any validation of spelling, syntax, etc.
  • sublime highlighting for the particular format
  • ruby script to parse errors in data
  • Vocabulary Management Tool:
  • Slides

Roy Tennant – Under the Hood of Hadoop Processing at OCLC Research

For background see Adventures in Hadoop

  • (the slides had a lot of the info, so I’ll try to get the link)
  • can track jobs, and monitor nodes in web interface

Kate Kosturski – How I Taught Myself Drupal In a Weekend (And You Can Too!)

  • Have no fear: “you can’t break Drupal”
  • a lot of modules and themes to choose from, especially a WYSIWYG editor
  • Quick and Dirty Solution: Drupal Gardens – can at least get you more comfortable with it
  • Live site

Thanks to Peter Murray for organizing!