Code4Lib 2014: Day 2 Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks on Day 2 of Code4Lib 2014.

Paired Programming – Carolyn Cole and Michael Tribone

  • two coders working together
  • two with disparate skills – back end person & front end/web person
  • UI needed to look decent fast
  • worked together looking at code snippets

I spent a short amount of time with twilio – Mark Matienzo

  • using REST to interact with people using phones
  • Mike Beccaria’s C4L Journal Article
  • Used twilio to interact with audience while building is closed
  • created dial-a-DPLA, call 1 704 288-DPLA (3752)
  • Type in 4 digit year and search specific collection
  • 50 line Python App
  • search against DPLA API, pull item with mp3 using tweetML
  • Code

Copy, Paste, Search – Cory Lown

  • last 4 years, increase of long query items
  • mostly known item, frequently looked like copy/paste
  • you would think it would work, but search is bad with doi and other items
  • right now, strip out punctuation, numbers, and short words
  • what’s a better way to fix this problem?

Drupal 8 – Cary Gordon

  • mobile admin panel
  • multilingual capabilities
  • new config management
  • built-in web services (HAL, JSON, XML, views)
  • authoring tools have been improved with in place editing
  • fast theming with TWIG
  • views have been integrated
  • fields
  • better markup
  • industry standard aproach

Making Things with Other People

  • brother playes quidditch
  • very complicated ranking formula
  • brother wanted to start recording statistics for players
  • great learning opportunity, to learn together
  • Started with ontology
  • git, version control, github, pages, html/css basics,, linked data concepts
  • angular stats
  • MongoDB, authentication using running on node.js
  • what I learned: angularjs, and other things
  • write operations transformed our understanding of the stats
  • pass it on

Adding a Map View to your Blacklight App

  • Blacklight-Maps plugin for blacklight
  • use geolocation data and map it
  • configurable
  • thumbnails also in list view
  • need to add: spatial search, lat/long support

LTI + API = LMS <3 – Eric Frierson

  • LTI protocal that sends data upon clicking on third-party from LMS
  • adding library materials as required reading, because can be difficult to do: permalinks, which has issues with stats and copyright
  • EDS reading list tool stores list and readings in MySQL table, and if click on something, get EDS API
  • instructor can add annotations/notes
  • support multi-campus, copy list

File Analyzer – Terry Brady

  • build import rule and make report
  • allows multiple reports to be compared/merged
  • desktop application, written in Java, customized by writing file test rules, import rules
  • Code

HighChartsJS – Heather Rayl

  • found Google Charts, but didn’t like the defaults and didn’t have time to play with it
  • like: turn on/off groups, hover over for info, can pull data from GA, can see details

jquery.xmleditor – Ben Pennell

  • XML document editor for web brwoser, very WYSIWYG
  • schema driven contextual menus
  • two editing mods, graphical & text
  • Code
  • xsd2json.js – compiles XSD schema files into JavaScript objects or JSON
  • usable either as commandline tool for precompiling JSON
  • not quite DIY: jquery, ui, ajaz ace editor, JS XML APIs, and more

Massachusetts Maritime Academy Google Open ID Proxy Authentication

  • common problem of too many passwords
  • Google Apps campus
  • OCLC doesn’t have Google Open ID as an option, but supports authentication by referring URL
  • issue with having personal email, had to ask user if wanted to be logged out of person and logged into campus email
  • have a variable to remember where you wanted to go
  • great results

This is My Search – Cynthia Ng

  • This is My Search
  • Inspired by this is my jam
  • done after LibTechConf in one evening
  • all credit for the coding goes to @mreidsma
  • what’s your favourite search?
  • share it with everyone on twitter!
  • submit your library
  • contribute on github

Lunch Time

group of fox looking up

Author: Cynthia

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