BCLA 2014: Webmaker Party Notes & Resources

I was super excited to finally get a Webmaker party with librarians involved, at a library conference no less! I was thankful to get some mentors from Mozilla to help us out too.

Webmaker Party: Building & Engaging a Community of Learners and Mentors

  • Dethe Elza
  • Cynthia Ng

Mozilla does a lot more than Firefox.

Open Badges

  • comes with accreditation, and other criteria information
  • backpack to show off badges you’ve earned

Hive Learning Network

  • connected learning
  • city by city program, started in NY and Chicago
  • bringing together non-school learning, accessible to students who can map their own pathways for their own learning with the options available
  • bringing together the organizers to know what each other are doing
  • coming to Vancouver

Web Literacy Map

  • community built tool for determining what web literacy means
  • bringing agreement to this
  • weekly open dialogue (you can participate!)
  • provide feedback
  • map to badges

Firefox OS

  • next place where people are being locked in
  • much like it was for the browser
  • all the apps are open technologies

Science Lab

  • open data and programs
  • software carpentry – version data and programming for scientists, but also run workshops for others

Knight Mozilla Open News

  • fellowships for embedded programmers to the newsroom
  • “the source” – open repository for the code


  • set of tools to help everyone be a maker of the web
  • basic building blocks of the web
  • what’s affected all of us
  • a lot of libraries are interested in bringing in maker spaces
  • easy and low barrier for libraries
  • suite of tools: X-Ray Goggles (bookmarklet to explore and making their own version of a webpage), Thimble (editor for webpages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript with lots of starter makes), Popcorn (online multimedia/video editor)
  • all of the published projects are remixable (people can then make a version off of another version)

Why Libraries?

  • fits within mission & vision
  • professional development
  • have the facilities
  • have the people

Why a Webmaker Party?

  • easy to do
  • low cost
  • don’t require instructor, simply some knowledgeable volunteers
  • takes little time if using existing resources, especially teaching kits and starter makes – including assessment
  • flexible, allowing users to choose their learning path
  • more interaction between people

Web Literacy Standard & Open Badges

  • use weblit standard as assessment tool
  • using standard = greater buy-in?
  • can create badges that connect competencies with workshops/projects

Easy to Contribute

  • create projects, teaching activities, teaching kits
  • improve documentation
  • discuss and send feedback
  • help review material (localization on transifex, via SUMO)


  • Google group, twitter: #teachtheweb
  • starter makes/projects (see session etherpad)

Let’s have a Webmaker Party!

Here’s a copy of what’s on the etherpad:

Webmaker: http://webmaker.org/
Mailing list: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/webmaker-canada-bc


How-To Tutorials

Starter Makes

Projects complete with instructions on how to personalize it. For Thimble & Popcorn https://webmaker.org/en-US/starter-makes

Thimble JavaScript

Teaching Kits

Tutorial: https://webmaker.org/teach-templates


What Did You Do Today?

Whether complete or not, please share the projects that you have created today with us!




Author: Cynthia

Technologist, Librarian, Metadata and Technical Services expert, Educator, Mentor, Web Developer, UXer, Accessibility Advocate, Documentarian

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