Mozilla Festival Day 1: CC Tools for Makers

Creative Commons folks hosted a discussion on barriers and possible solutions to publishing and using CC licensed content.


  • Ryan Merkley (CEO)
  • Matt Lee (Tech Lead)
  • Ali Al Dallal (Mozilla Foundation)

Our Challenge

  • our tech is old, user needs are unmet (can be confusing, don’t know how to do attribution)
  • focus on publishing vs. sharing (maximize people who want to allow others to use/reuse, and people want to use them)
  • no front door to the Commons (no meta search, don’t give you tools)
  • licenses now international, support data – on the first step

Building a license doesn’t mean that it’s used. What is the next piece? Build a movement around the license, drive content in (platforms, new tools), content out.


Meta Search – let’s CC

  • allow searching various
  • but didn’t work on mobile
  • no facilitate re/use

Built a new version, easy to add new search APIs

The List powered by CC

  • Working with knight foundation.
  • lots of bad photos
  • if you ask people to take photos,
  • photos would be hosted by Internet Archive, with CC-BY license
  • if you make a small investment into a thing, it grabs on to you – helps to get people involved in the community and copyright
  • working with US department of interior (parks, etc.)
  • to come is geolocation with notifications

Make Drive

  • JavaScript library, allow offine file system
  • allow synchronization, but file system can be stored in browser
  • can copy images into makedrive
  • it’s just you and your device if you
  • connects really well with

Today’s Task

Two sets of users:

  • content publishers (individuals and platforms)
  • users and re-mixers of content

Three questions:

  1. What are the barriers to sharing/using open content for publishing?
  2. What could we do to solve these issues? (no idea is too crazy)
  3. Who should we work with to accomplish it?


Discussion Notes on Etherpad


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