Mozilla Festival Day 1: Closing Keynotes

We ended the first day with closing plenary featuring numerous people.

Marc Surman was back on stage to help set the context of the evening talks. 10 5 minute talks, relay race.

Mobile and the Future

Emerging Markets and Adoption

Chris Locke

  • emerging markets in
  • explosion of adoption of mobile
  • social good
  • example: mobile to purchase supplies, etc. for operations of school
  • how can we use mobile to bridge the gap in some other services
  • example: 10% technology adoption, health issue 3.2m don’t have access
  • but most people don’t go on the internet the first time for health or finance issues, but more likely
  • what we need to do is be creative and look how we build the internet to encourage digital inclusion
  • can’t force community
  • build fun, build engagement, build tools for people to do it themselves

### The Next Billion

Jan Chipchase @janchip

  • can buy a new smartphone for $35, used $20
  • real impact is about people and what people are doing it
  • affordable connectivity, access to internet generally provides positive impact
  • how do you design for the next billion?
  • need to go into all the different locations
  • How are the next billion different from the last?
  • more similar to people in this room than different
  • differences: more variable infrastructure, less reliance on formal institutions, lower variable income
  • people tend to make consumption in much smaller chunks and for
  • significantly sharing devices, primary consumption device (media, games, phone, etc.)
  • they are on the edge in terms of legacy uses

Researching and Teaching Appmaker Laura de Reynal, Vineel Pindi

  • doing research to understand motivation
  • one story: want to create app to share movies and tv shows. Sharing is important. Making is the first time to sharing a passion
  • story two: Very good at finding free ebooks. Want to share knowledge to help and empower friends
  • FirefoxOS bus – teach how to build apps, and encourage use

The Internet of Things

Looking at utility in mobile. What are people going to use their first phone for? What can we do if we have control? What needs to be done in order for people to trust them?


Should be a simple way to load software to for example of changing the lights (might require 3 apps, 2 apps, changing 2 sets of lights). W3C has started calling it Web of Things (WoT). Let’s find the way to just do the things, and others can standardize around it.

Understanding the Web of Things

Jon Rogers @ileddigital

  • start talking about web with things
  • distributed human computing machine
  • looked at data to see which planets are habitable
  • in order to understand the web with things, go back to basics to culturally understand what the web with things might look like

The People

Avinash Kumar

  • rural Indian: lack of resources and teaching materials
  • what if people could resolve a teaching query with a simple phone call?
  • but answering a simple question on the phone required connecting a lot of people and resources
  • Can the MozFest community imagine a new Lifeline for Education in 2014? Can the phone do that?

Imagination, Creativity, Web Literacy

Beyond the obvious, the other thing to notice is the people on the ground who care about others, the web. That’s the power of Mozilla. That’s why we can build a web literate in a very short time.

We need to embed learning and mentoring into the whole process. We want people to be able to do something fun, something helpful.

Webmaker Club

Emma Irwin

  • web literacy is not part of the curriculum
  • will youth only become products of the web? need to teach them to learn to interact with open source projects
  • Webmaker club curriculum included coding, but also other parts of the literacy map
  • held during the lunch hour
  • anyone concerned can start doing what they can. Just start with 1 person, 1 place
  • call to action to start


Leah Gilliam

  • communities that champions digital learning. Connects various organizations together
  • organize events to teach kids, but also connecting organizations that might not normally not talk to each other
  • connect networks, groups, etc. but want to scale to a massive level
  • embraces complexities, empower people, working around shared goals, bringing partnerships together
  • can go local, have global impact

## FirefoxOS

  • Challenging because the mobile playing field is an uneven playing field.
  • Our mission is to balance the playing field.
  • Done it before. Firefox marketshare is ~18% even with a lot more employees and revenue.
  • Different Models of ROI. Others maximize shareholder value, but Mozilla maximizes transparency and openness to promote a better internet.
    * In the world of mobile, is similar to how the browser wars happened. Amazing initial success in 24 countries.
  • We would like to give you a FirefoxOS Flame Phone in return to help us make it better.

You are all Mozillians now.


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