Mozilla Festival Day 2: Notes on Organize Better, More Inclusive Hackathons

Since I help organize conferences and events, I thought it would be interesting to attend the session.

Things that Worked Well or Not / Made You Feel More/Less Included (Small Group Discussion)

  • planning/schedule – clear schedule, what to bring, clear goal / purpose
  • team / relationship building – prepared
  • make it fun / social – examples: badges, social events
  • open ended problems, problems with different levels of skill level, disciplines
  • outreach / promotion / marketing – to reach new people, pre-event outreach
  • refreshments – coffee, good food
  • attitude – keep smiling, failure is OK
  • IT – wifi, power, good documentation, backup
  • mentoring – opportunity for one-on-one
  • opportunity – child care, low cost
  • post-event – reporting/sharing, social media contacts

Discussion Points (Large Group)

  • all skill levels is welcome – offer training, need non-coders e.g. designers, users, communications, multiple parts: needs/brainstorming & coding/prototyping
  • outreach – hour by hour schedule, what to expect, what to bring, prioritizing reaching out to groups that don’t normally attend, number of tickets to specific groups/diversity can help ensure diversity or have a free form what you want to learn
  • mission/purpose – have a mission statement and plan around it
  • follow up – report what’s been done, share learning materials before and after event, writing questions on post-it notes right before breaks, social media lists
  • building trust / relationships – pre-event, icebreakers
  • attitude – process is more important than the results, have fun
  • code of conduct – clear path to resolving an issue, intent matters less than impact, more welcoming than negative language (codeofconduct.tool, 18F, geek feminism, Ada Initiative)

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Author: Cynthia

Technologist, Librarian, Metadata and Technical Services expert, Educator, Mentor, Web Developer, UXer, Accessibility Advocate, Documentarian

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