Mozilla Festival Day 2: Opening Keynotes

Day 2 started with more talks to kick off the day.

Mark Surman

There is a new wave of open emerging. More optimistic than the corporate controlled internet talked about last year.

Rally citizens / connect leaders -> fuel the movement.

Told a story about making his first TV commercial that was then destroyed.

What is your fuel? What drives you? Might be privacy, diversity, inclusion.

Raegan McDonald

Importance of privacy and security. It’s the golden age of surveillance.

This is a problem.

We have to change our behaviour. Examples: PGPG to encrypt email, secure text messages, no mobile devices in the same room if really want private.

Long term solutions is where policy comes in, along with usability and practicality.

In the ideal world, security and privacy are the default setting. Example: Firefox 42 protects browsing.

Unfortunately, the government who should be protecting our rights are the ones expanding the laws around surveillance.

The debate on surveillance and our rights is just starting. We all need to all get involved.

Let’s talk about how we can build a better internet together.

Jon Rogers

Notion of engineering, design, and participation are all closely tied together.

How are you going to take control of the devices that end up in your home?

What you don’t know, you can learn to do. It’s messy, but more importantly, human.

The web is not just code, it’s everything.

No one person knows how, but by coming together and doing it together in the open, then we can build together. What we must do is make sure that internet of things is the future we want it to be.

Mark Surman

Looking at where we want to put our resources. Continue to look at beyond Firefox, but more than products by fuelling the movement by gathering people together.

All of us acting together will put us on the right fork in the road.

Author: Cynthia

Technologist, Librarian, Metadata and Technical Services expert, Educator, Mentor, Web Developer, UXer, Accessibility Advocate, Documentarian

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