COSUGI 2017: Technical Update

We got an update of the work going on at SD especially around automation.

by Sheridan Richey, VP Software Dev and Product Manager

BLUEcloud Automation Timeline

AWS deployment, Jenkins CI, Maven, Bitbucket, Dockerization, PR builds, acceptance test tooling, UI test framework
2017: SaltStack, Jetstream (move from AWS to own cloud), STET, automated testing training

Moving out of AWS namely due to cost, more control on what needed for processor vs. memory, and wanted presence in specific geographic locations.

Testing Automation

  • Unit testing for 80% of code. Run on every check-in; very fast response.
  • Acceptance test exercising interface (APIs) with 100% coverage; integration testing; business logic validation
  • initial goal for smoke tests

Benefit is to reduce:

  • cost of manual checking,
  • number of “escaped” bugs,
  • time spent preparing release

Build & Deployment Automation

Code at Worksation -> Source Code in Bitbucket -> Jenkins build job with test/build -> Nexus: storage for artifacts, repository caching; Jenkins also does reporting, and assess send to SonarQube to do quality/issue assessment and reporting.

CI Environment using Build/CI (Jenkins) – Provision (vmware) – Configuration (saltsatck) – Deploy – Test

SaltStack for Infrastructure Automation: configuration management and remote execution.

Docker & Nexus Cache allows for fast delivery to production. Maven / Jenkins / DockerHub -> Nexus: Proxies / Repos, -> VPN -> individual Nexus instances

UX Automation

Doing a bunch things. Example: New tool automates image management.

Single Sign On

Taking advantage of CAS v5 allowing authentication using LDAP, Active Directory, and ILS; for Enterprise, EDS, and others in the future.


Can you automate red panda production?!
baby red pandas

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