COSUGI 2017: Stump the Chumps Horizon Edition

An open forum for Horizon administrators.


What topics would people like to see?

  • reserves
  • inventory
  • prediction patterns: import/export
  • security overview
  • custom reports/where clause

Mix of 15 and 90 minute length webinars available on many of these topics. All Horizon training posted on the website.

Clearing data and codes

Collection codes cannot be deleted due to incomplete inventory. How to clear them? Should we?

Should be careful, because if delete collection code, can no longer pull via webreporter.

Should clear stats by setting day end to clear out old data.One solution: copy detailed data stats to another repository, clear very detailed data older than one month.


Slows to a crawl after migrating to Sybase on Windows (from Linux). Is transaction log or temp.db getting too big?


Sometimes says inventoried and other items not. Could be because it was checked in during inventory process.

How often do inventory depends on previous results and acceptable lost. Might only do for specific/core collections.

Does not work (well) with RFID.


Use for offline circulation. Works really well.

Pull Data by Zip Code

Can set up a bstat based on zip code, and add bstat to existing users. Will not get historic data, but will get data moving forward.

E-Resource Deletions

Create delete profile by loading the deletion records by overlay and deleting at the same time.

If only have numbers, use SQL query to copy bib numbers into temp..db and use killbib to delete.

Group effort!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion.
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