Horizon Primer in Brief: Circulation Rules

I have spent hours mapping out circulation rules the last few weeks in preparation for a pilot project we are about to run at my library. In the process, I have learnt a great deal about circulation parameters and privileges that I’ve put together in a brief primer below. If I missed anything, please let me know. Continue reading “Horizon Primer in Brief: Circulation Rules”

Learning to be a Systems Administrator for Horizon ILS

This is one of those presentations that never was, but I thought it would be interesting to write up anyway as a reflective piece. Interestingly, I didn’t find out that I would be the library’s ILS administrator until after I started the job. It didn’t really make any difference, and if anything, I was glad to be doing some of the operational work on the systems side. I have never actually been a systems librarian so I had a lot to learn and I have been grateful for the opportunity. Continue reading “Learning to be a Systems Administrator for Horizon ILS”

Adding Custom Reports to Horizon

I have been putting a lot of our reports into Horizon so that staff can take a look at them any time and do not need an intermediary. While not even SirsiDynix could help me put all of them in Horizon, I have a few in and I am adding more as I encounter them. Unfortunately, custom reports do not seem to be documented very well (or at least not that I could find, the one article I found did not make a lot of sense to me the first time I read it), so I figure I might as well post it online.
Continue reading “Adding Custom Reports to Horizon”