COSUGI 2017: BlueCloud Circulation for Horizon

Taking a look at BlueCloud Circulation with a demo.


  • newest addition to the “family”
  • 35 pilot sites
  • first users: academic (load patron records), special, K-12 (records loading, check in/out), outlets (community centres, etc.), consortia members
  • requirements: Horizon 7.5.3+, Web services 2017.01+, BlueCloud Central (institution, users, circulation role, profiles), ILS policies for circulation
  • certificate for web services
  • patron data stays where it is, unlike bib records which will get harvested by search
  • uses Horizon policies to determine permissions/privileges and most exceptions
  • overrides and blocks: supporting as many as possible, some will become decisions rather than overrides, gradual ILSWS supporting relevant advice


  • association with an institution
  • connections: shortcuts to other things
  • admin: institutions (locations) based on ILS ID; profiles: establish search policy (one per instance), specify enriched content (e.g. syndetics)
  • search allow quick switch between patron and catalogue search; options for registration or check in
  • floating collection is coming but not recommended
  • patron display: customizable to a small degree
  • missing: addresses, notes
  • can place holds by looking up title (via BlueCloud Search)
  • catalogue search: brief results display
  • can view copy specific information
  • check in: will show alerts
  • date helpers to be added
  • in house check in (to be checked on)


  • completion of address/notes support
  • receipts
  • bills and commerce support
  • photo support
  • new policies
  • on shelf holds processing
  • add brief title
  • global configuration variables

MobileCirc Features no in BC Circ yet

  • edit holds
  • edit patron address/notes
  • inventory
  • mark item used
  • check item status
  • deselect (may not be added to BC Circ)
  • patron photos
  • offline circ (may not be added)

BC Circ not available in MobileCirc

  • BlueCloud Search support
  • Bookdrop checkin
  • place hold capabilities
  • additional item statistical details


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Author: Cynthia

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