COSUGI 2017: Web Services for Horizon

Overview of web services updates.

A web based client allows use of BlueCloud and other things.

August 2016

  • Technology Update: updated framework with how deliver.
  • moved to Java 8,
  • HTTPS/TLS 1.2 (TLS 1.2 coming for Enterprise 5),
  • discrete time zones
  • transit groups: introduced with Horizon 7.5.4, will take into consideration item transit
  • primary address: first active address
  • authenticate users
  • CKI location control: item returned to non-home, prompt to deny or accept it
  • patron renew items
  • admin resource: examples: can see ILS status, configuration; need staff level token
  • clear cache action: can take login for admin console itself; allow automated clear based on status
  • version file: convenience for troubleshooting

January 2017

  • BlueCloud Circulation: improved transit advise, secondary advice for item statuses don’t require specific handling
  • customize error messages: all errors in jar file, can copy and edit file. Also works for labels
  • resources (ROA) version 2.0 / media types: provided additional security benefits
  • eliminate HIP from legacy web services except SearchCatalog (indexes resides in HIP, BC Search services to replace it), Lists won’t work. Does not mean you can turn off HIP.
  • product fixes: ~25 issues
  • improve checkout history retrieval: was taking a long time, so much improved
  • account lockout in admin console. Web services action available to reset, or via staff intervention.
  • automated testing: resources and actions will be testing all the way through
  • enunciations: for those developing own web services. Resources page list all modules, actions, resources with all details to develop own calls. At the root.
  • patron self-registration: moving away from dependency on HIP

Next (September or December/January)

  • further BlueCloud Support
  • family group
  • title availability
  • duplicate patron alert
  • merging patron records

Break Time

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