COSUGI 2017: Quest for 24

Session on getting material out within 24 hours.

Sam Moore; Technical Services Associate; Kansas Public Library


43 schools, 2015-16 schol year the schools became fully outsourced, 2-5 months between ordering and shelf, now 2-3 weeks, work previously done by 2 people, now all done by 1 person who only deal with ordering, invoicing, and materials outside their budget.

Outsourced to Baker & Taylor. 100% for schools, 80% in public library system, otherwise Ingram, CVS Midwest

Technical Services Department

decentralized selection: 52 selectors moving to centralized collection developent with 2-3 selectors; centralized ordering/processing

ten staff member:

  • supervisor,
  • 2 cataloguers,
  • public acquisitions & processing (1 Av and 1 Book),
  • acquisitions 3.5;
  • schools: acq & processing 1.5

facing realities:

  • people want their content quicker,
  • what people want is changing,
  • budget cuts,
  • staff downsizing
  • disconnect from public; easy to forget what users are asking for. What is best for the user?

Quest for 24

Goal: Get material handling down to 24 hours of receiving.

Challenges/pain points

  • selection
    • past: broken down by branches, at branch level totalling 52 selectors; often not ordered together
    • moving to: 3 person centralized collections team: Adult Fic, Adult Non-Fic, Youth
    • still thinking about how to streamline ordering
  • receiving:
    • invoicing: having to had type in all invoices line by line. Solution: EDI ordering: invoices go in overnight into ILS Acquisitions module. Also first step to outsourcing
  • Processing AV
    • before it would take 2-3 weeks to reach branches
    • 2012: partial processing; minus cataloguing and spine labels; down to 2-4 days
    • 2014 full cataloguing and processing, records downloaded by staff, acquisitions receive and send, less than 24 hours
  • Processing books
    • acquisitions staff couldn’t process adds
    • used to use sheets 48 spine labels on sheets
    • one person processed all adds and catalogued materials
  • cataloguing
    • outsourcing AV records
    • still cataloguing original AV; down to 2 weeks


  • TS reports via BlueCloud Analytics
    • material time studies; no artificially rushed books
    • weekly hold list to a daily holds list
  • more outsourcing
    • non-fiction cataloguing?
    • book processing?
    • Audiobook outsourcing?
  • cataloguing changes
    • outsourcing?
    • restructuring cataloguing?


Off to the next session.
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