COSUGI 2017: Adventures in Data Services

Enhanced Content, Bibliographic, Authority, and more.

Tracy Moyers, Director of Product Implementation


BlueCloud Visibility

  • Exposing catalogue. Takes MARC structure to BIBFRAME. Really just another search index.

BlueCloud Digital Academy

  • eContent put directly into catalogue
  • metadata records from the various content providers are identified, reviewed, aggregated, mapped, and converted to MARC
  • integration options: elibrary, HIP, EOSWeb, Enterprise
  • ongoing improvement: new records loaded each quarter

Lexile and Accelerated Reader

  • subscription based


  • Library of Congress: Bibliographic, Authority, MESH

Bibliographic Analysis, Clean-Up and Upgrade

Analysis: 17 standard reports

  • RDA field usage
  • index analysis (Symphony)
  • subject thesauri used
  • missing death dates
  • database duplication rate
  • cataloguing errors (two 245 fields)
  • obsolete MARC fields/values used
  • cleanup: based on existing data, enhance local collections, RDA/MARC21
  • upgrade: matches against LC, brief record upgrade, customized for downtime
  • RDA Updates: expanding abbreviations, updating headings, remove GMD, creations of 3xx tags

Authority Processing Full: LC source, process (update headings, enhance structure, provide cross references, scope notes). Lite version has only process.

Deduplication Services

  • flexible matching
  • numeric and text matching
  • automated transfer
  • no staff downtime
  • Lite version = no questionnaires = less control: use what 80% of other libraries chosen

Subscription Services

Once you get it clean, keep it clean using Lexile and Accelerated Reader, database deduplication (yearly), authority updates (quarterly).

Authority Update Subscription

  • upload Unauthorized Headings (Day 1)
  • process (Day 2)
  • download new authority records (Day 3): LC records, new cataloguing, updated headings
  • ADUText Finalizes the Updates
  • still expect some unauthorized headings, especially local headings

Connectivity is the biggest issue.


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