Reflection Part 2: My second year at GitLab and on becoming Senior again

This reflection is a direct continuation of part 1 of my time at GitLab so far. If you haven’t, please read the first part before beginning this one. Continue reading “Reflection Part 2: My second year at GitLab and on becoming Senior again”

Reflection Part 1: My first year at GitLab and becoming Senior

About a year ago, I wrote a reflection on Summit and Contribute, our all staff events, and later that year, wrote a series of posts on the GitLab values and culture from my own perspective. There is a lot that I mention in the blog post series and I’ll try not to repeat myself (too much), but I realize I never wrote a general reflection at year 1, so I’ve decided to write about both years now but split into 2 parts. Continue reading “Reflection Part 1: My first year at GitLab and becoming Senior”

The Origin of My Nickname: Arty-chan

A lot of people ask me about my nickname and how I got it. Funny enough, I thought I already wrote a blog post about this, but I can’t find any record of it, so here it is. Obviously, this will be a more personal post than usual, but online identities are a big part of our use of technology after all. Continue reading “The Origin of My Nickname: Arty-chan”

Reflection: 18 months as a Manager of Technology and Technical Services

It’s taking me a lot longer than usual to write this reflection piece since I’ve been busy with unpacking and settling into a new place.

As usual, this piece is meant to be reflective of my experience. No criticism is meant of my former work place as every organization has its quirks and ways it could improve. If anything, I was grateful for the opportunities I had in helping the library (and to a small extent the city) move forward and improve its services. So, please keep in mind that this piece should be read in a reflective, and positive tone. Now, onwards… Continue reading “Reflection: 18 months as a Manager of Technology and Technical Services”

A Reflection on Two Years as Content Coordinator

After a little over two years, my time at the BC Libraries Cooperative (the co-op) working on the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) project will be coming to an end. As I prepare to leave, I thought I would reflect on my work while at the co-op. Continue reading “A Reflection on Two Years as Content Coordinator”

A Letter of Thanks

I have often thought that I have been fortunate to meet a lot of great people during my time in library school and since then in the working world. While I have thanked many of them in writing and in person, I wanted to reflect on how the combination of people and their support has gotten me to where I am in my professional life. Continue reading “A Letter of Thanks”