COSUGI 2017: BlueCloud MobileCirc for Horizon

We got a run down on MobileCirc for Horizon with Roslyn Dean, Product Specialist Manager.


Not meant to be a full featured module, but allow you to get out from behind the desk. Two options: browser based, and app. Use case examples include:

  • stacks material processing; example: in-house use
  • circulation lines
  • bookmobiles
  • renewal service
  • outreach programs

A subset of BlueCloud Circulation (which will eventually be a full featured module) for “quick staff” things.


  • check out/in
  • renewals
  • item status
  • item inventory
  • holds pulls list
  • weeding
  • add/modify user
  • themes (colour schemes)
  • ILS agnostic
  • available for iOS and Android; web version available to any browser that supports HTML5
  • site or institution licensing

App Dependent Features

  • print receipts
  • driver’s license scan (need separate scanner)
  • offline circ

Demo time!

  • Institution = location.
  • Communications with Horizon via Web Services.
  • can manually change due date
  • will show blocks
  • no inventory in offline mode
  • deselect show you how long item been idle, number of circ, etc.

Coming Soon

  • fine and fee management
  • access control (control staff logins)
  • check out items in reserves
  • commerce support
  • hold placement


On to the next session.

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