COSUGI 2017: MobileCirc Sharing Session

If there are features you want or some that you have in common, go vote!

Submitted Enhancement Requests: display user, multiple active IDs, item search and display, place holds, custom receipt printer format, reset login/session.

When pulling list, showing holds as available for pick up instead of transit hold.

Make sure to update Web Services regularly as MobileCirc and all BlueCloud products.

RFID: InfiniaTab M scanner; if having issues, send sample barcode. Ensure to get one that is RFID activated.

When do you decide laptop vs. MobileCirc? Will use MobileCirc for inventory and weeding, but for circulation, some issues: lack of user information, no ability to place hold, require hardware.

Inventory using BlueCloud Circ, but will need external wand/scanner. May need to use barcode scanner if not using RFID. Socket Mobile XI

Program Tracking: scan user and check program “out” and back “in” immediately to track users. Will need to go through SPP.

When trap hold, item goes to location reshelve rather than hold shelf.

Kiosk mode (Symphony only): only allow check out/in, not both.

Training: simple FAQ, give call if needed. It depends. May consider allowing users to simply play with it.

Break Time

Time for a snack.
stoat eating berries

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