Code4lib Day 3: Notes and Takeaways

You know, it’s hard to MC, follow twitter, pay attention, and blog, so as usual, only notes and takeaways for some of the presentations.

Full posts:

Your UI Can Make or Break the Application

  • software developers are creative
  • Prototyping: fail early and fail fast
  • user involvement: screenshots along with requirements
  • creates user buy-in
  • warning: don’t make demos look done!
  • don’t be afraid to “borrow” ideas
  • help the user be successful
    • stick with familiar designs
    • use simple language
    • keep labels/functionality consistent
    • give instant feedback
      • provide inline validation
      • some feedback through AJAX
  • Helpful Sites:

Quick and Dirty Clean Usability: Rapid Prototyping with Bootstrap

by Shaun Ellis, Princeton University

Important to get user feedback, meaning to get things in front of them. Use drawings to keep people from getting bogged down by aesthetics.

Twitter released Bootstrap, an open source style guide that will put your feet in your shoes. It allows you to get really quick feedback on static images and interactive pieces, but will not make your site “instant delicious”.

Allows a lot of customization based on grid system.

Prototype yourself out of the cave.

Some References:


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