Code4lib Day 1: Lightning Talks

Cynthia Ng  – RULA Bookfinder

Julien Gibert – Turning a Solr Response into a RDF file

  • Sorry, this went by me, plus I was busy running back to my seat

Bill Dueber – Datamart Report Generator at UMich

  • actually talking about spreadsheets
  • want to support data-drive decision making, but it’s boring, and canned reports tend not to do it
  • can end up in substring hell
  • solution: build data warehouse
  • took Aleph oracle COBOL store, removed insanity and put it in another oracle database
  • funds and inventory reports now possible
  • running 20-25 reports a week
  • more than when we ran it by hand, and saves lots of time

Jonathan Rochkind – bento_search

  • RubyRails gem
  • external search services e.g. Google books
  • federated e.g. primo, eds, ebscohost, scopus, worldcat, google books
  • can use whatever you want, just need to add it
  • can customize to have link resolver
  • much more functionality

Masao Takaku – saveMLAK project for two years

  • came out of the effort to save museum, library, archive, kominkan (community centre) after the big earthquake
  • gather information of facilities in damaged area using a wiki
  • coordinate activities to rebuild
  • efforts are still continuing

Jon Stroop – Loris Image Server

  • define syntax for image access
  • can specify width/height, part of image, quality
  • Talk link

Ross Singer – How are you managing copyright?

  • lazy attempt at crowd-sourced business development
  • copyright is complicated
  • there are standard licenses, but then there are a lot of exclusions and exceptions
  • still, roughly the same model
  • management already being done in some capacity by the universities
  • but in US/Canada there is fair dealing and fair use
  • Slides

Eric Nord – Candybars for Bugs

  • Harold B. Lee Library
  • worked on maps in library
  • pop up map
  • will give candy bar if found error
  • only had to give away 18
  • have a ‘report a problem’ with this item
  • builds the idea to power the patron

Megan O’Neill Kudzia – Games for Pedagogy in the Library

  • working with faculty
  • a lot of interest, but no opportunity to talk about it
  • purchasing games on an ask basis
  • working out how to make accessible, in catalogue
  • licensing issues for PC/console games

Geoffrey Boushey – GEDI Reference App for InterLibrary Loan

  • General Electronic Document Interchange (ISO Standard)
  • used by Ariel
  • headers added to a file when sent from one institution to another
  • basis for making an easy to use tool so different ILL systems can communicate with each other
  • on Github

George Campbell – three.js: 3D Objects in the browser

  • used to have to use flash or flip through images
  • can now use interactive 3D graphics
  • can scale, add text/images, move

John Sarnowski – Audio Archiving with Full Text Search

  • ResCarta Toolkit
  • display and play audio
  • add metadata
  • use conversion tool
  • embeds into XML portion
  • final file can then be searched
  • words can be highlighted just like a text file

That’s the end of Day 1! Join us tomorrow. Time for a nap.

sleeping panda cubs

Author: Cynthia

Technologist, Librarian, Metadata and Technical Services expert, Educator, Mentor, Web Developer, UXer, Accessibility Advocate, Documentarian

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