Code4LibBC Day 2: Lightning Talks Part 1

XML Databases and Document Stores, Michael Joyce, SFU

  • EXIST for storing XML
  • indexing and searhcing provided by Lucene
  • doesn’t include analysis, but can used Stanford named entity recognizer
  • MASHUP of over 200 books mapped using statistical tagger and dbpedia, great for getting people started
  • similarity matching to find similar content

Demo of MIK (the Move to Islandora Kit), Mark Jordan, SFU

  • built at SFU in migrate digital collections to Islandora
  • built in modular way, and flexible
  • doesn’t move to Islandora, just prepares content
  • can have contentdm or csv/excel, prepares batch packages that Islandroa expects
  • can run as many times as you want to get it right before loading to Islandora
  • despite the name, will let you use it in other contexts e.g. move to Hydra
  • parse into MODS or DC, which is what Islandora exists, but could be written to do others
  • post-write hook scripts, allows scripts to be run in the background
  • modules can be used e.g. metadata manipulator
  • need to write config file, but not more complex than most
  • metadata mapping file can also add metadata that wasn’t in incoming data
  • backend tool written in PHP
  • hope to get people get interested to contribute different toolchanges e.g. Dspace

Making moves: Migrating from CONTENTdm to Islandora, Hillary Webb, ECUAD

  • BC ELN started Arca, IR for all post-secondary schools
  • migrated from ContentDM to Islandora
  • created custom displays to display custom metadata
  • had to manually regenerate derivatives, but would want to script it in the future
  • most issues left over has to do with display e.g. list vs. grid per collection

Open Collections Future – Linked Data APIs, Stefan Khan-Kernahan, UBC

  • very little data is linked at this point
  • want to propose that authors have persistent digital identifier through ORCID to build profiles, use ORCID to markup and import citations
  • can add schema and do something similar to call number
  • show related articles currently based on search but if use ID, can build richer ways to show related articles e.g. same person, others that they’ve collaborated with
  • can build citation and reference lists

PDL Report, Caroline Daniels, KPU

  • Provincial Digital Library, but didn’t really consult anybody.
  • put some money to BC ELN to build Arca
  • next step is to build discovery layer on top of Arca and other digital collections
  • had a meeting, will get report in ~2 weeks
  • larger symposium next to BCLA; and will likely be other smaller groups
  • the ministries have said there is no money to do this
  • come up with some solutions and they might be able to find money
  • a task group is forming to see what we might do
  • digital collections environmental scan done by Mike Conroy
  • the focus is to benefit the whole province


Time for a snack!
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