Implementing Values: Learning from GitLab: Collaboration

This is the first value covered in a series of blog posts on what we can learn in implementing values that are the same or similar to GitLab’s CREDIT values. For background and links to the other posts, please check out the overview post. Continue reading “Implementing Values: Learning from GitLab: Collaboration”

Implementing Values: What we can learn from GitLab: Overview and Context

I had intended to write a single post related to GitLab and how it implements its values, because I was afraid that if I broke it up, I would end up using some of the same examples across the different posts, since a lot of what we do exemplifies more than one value, but in the end, I decided shorter posts would be better. Nevertheless, the series should be read as a single article broken up for publication purposes.

I wanted to write this post because after years of working in public services and similar organizations, GitLab was quite the culture shock, but in a good way. I wanted to share some of my experiences in the hopes that others can learn from how GitLab implements its values — collaboration, results, efficiency, diversity, iteration, and transparency (CREDIT) — that many organizations also value, but where some seem to struggle to implement them. Continue reading “Implementing Values: What we can learn from GitLab: Overview and Context”