Open Everything in Libraries

I started writing this blog post quite a while ago as you can tell from the intro, but I had forgotten about it and decided to recently finish it.


Listening to the talks at Code4LibBC last week, I began to think about open data and collections, but then starting to also think about the role of libraries and the idea that it’s a public space.
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Reflection: A Year as an Accessibility Librarian

I had meant to write this up earlier, but I have been overwhelmed with starting a new job and trying to wrangle a new space at home for my home office (which is still actually very much in progress). I also meant to post this after I wrote it 2 weeks ago, but had wanted to add some pictures and totally forgot about it. Continue reading “Reflection: A Year as an Accessibility Librarian”

Reflection: Questioning What We’re Saying

The last week or so, I don’t think any one involved in libraries and connected to social media (especially Twitter) will have missed what happened at CLA and the subsequent blow out from that. I mostly declined to comment on the incident (and I’ll explain why below), but it got me thinking. Continue reading “Reflection: Questioning What We’re Saying”

MozFest 2013 Reflection: Making & Teaching

After almost 2 weeks, I almost feel like the Mozilla Festival was a dream, but an awesome one, one where people were very productive, one where people were inspired and inspiring. I once again thought I’d have a very tiny role simply as a participant this year, but just like last year, I was proved wrong. Warning, this is no way told in a chronological order. Continue reading “MozFest 2013 Reflection: Making & Teaching”

We Can Shape “The Great Age of Librarians”

Thanks to @fsayre, I was recently readingĀ Breaking the barriers of time and space: the dawning of the great age of librarians by T. Scott Plutchak. It’s an interesting look back on the past, how the printed book changed libraries, and how we can be entering “the great age of librarians” with the shift to digital. I thought I would reflect on this a little more. I’m not sure I will come to any better conclusion, but perhaps how this might apply to myself and others. It’s a smattering of thoughts, so I may have to rewrite this later, but I hope this will get some people thinking and discussing. Continue reading “We Can Shape “The Great Age of Librarians””

Thank You: On Awards and Being Recognized in Library Land

Just yesterday, Valerie (@vforrestal) posted an article on the culture in library land of achievements and recognition. To summarize, my takeaway from it is that our focus as librarians should not be winning awards and getting into the “in” crowd, but to do our work well and that we should strive for recognition from colleagues recognizing our everyday contributions as our achievements. Being a fairly new librarian, reading the article was a great reminder that getting awards and proposals accepted is not as important as we might make it out to be. Continue reading “Thank You: On Awards and Being Recognized in Library Land”