MozFest 2012: Opening Circle Day 2

Mark Surman

The theme is creating a writeable society. Need a web that allows us to write, not just read.

MozFest is about inventing that future.

This is a place where we can do it.


Brett Gaylor

Announce the release of Popcorn Maker 1.0 with a screencast.

Wanted to work with people to who co-create the media of the future. At MozFest 2011, PopcornJS 1.0. One release a month to make Popcorn Maker.

Let’s Get Making.

Back to Mark

It’s making an open source cinema.

A whole world of social media that can hack. The next one is to make games that can be hacked. Check out Hackable Games, such as HTML5 2D Hackable Games.


Games are awesome

It’s a huge multi million dollar business. It’s a massively growing business. Most people think about console games, which is a strong part, but the games industry is shifting. It’s becoming more accessible, because technology is changing to make it easier to make games.

Games are powerful in learning, provoking people into action, fun. Can teach about failure, collaboration, hard work, anything and everything.

The whole industry is very young, but built on people who could tinker with code. However, we’ve moved away (for the most part) from encouraging people to create with the building blocks, to solve problems. Some good examples are Scratch and Ouya (hackable console).

We must learn not just how to use programs but how to make them… Program or be programmed.

Get excited and make things.

Back to Mark Surman

At the core of Mozilla’s is to focus on learning. Understandability needs to be integrated so that programming becomes something that everyone can do. Popcorn is a start, and games is the next step.

It’s not sure about shipping a cool product, but also an attitude. Need to bring playfulness, which is what games do.

Joi Ito

Interest-driven learner who found a community through the Internet, but did not have teachers. The tools are now available so that anything can make things.

What we’re doing is very disruptive, because everything we do is political and what we do is scary. We empower others, and it’s great to be fun, but there are people trying to shut us down. We win by creating a movement.

We have to fight to keep the internet open.

Back to Mark

The one punk rock kid in Northern Ontario. What punk rock gave Mark was to make media. Made media with magazines, scissors, and glue.

It’s an attitude that injects fun and builds that movement we need and are. We should build that attitude into everything we make and offer.

That attitude is what is going to bring people in.

F*ck it. Ship It.

Author: Cynthia

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